Investing in tomorrow’s tech, creating today’s apps in Amsterdam.

At Gemairo Group BV, we fuse the worlds of investment and development, cultivating a unique space for creativity and growth in Amsterdam’s dynamic tech landscape. Investing in promising technology for tomorrow, our small yet proficient team also crafts today’s cutting-edge apps with attention to detail and a commitment to excellence. We’re more than just a company; we’re a partnership-driven platform where innovation thrives.

Our products are used by millions every single day

  • Swipefy
  • Magiscore
  • MagBot
  • In Balans
  • Plagiator
  • Wingman
  • SAAF

Crafting change, one app at a time

We’re not just tech enthusiasts at Gemairo Group; we’re believers. For us, every line of code is a step towards a brighter, cooler future. So while we geek out over new innovations, we’re also on a mission to make things a bit better for everyone. Dive in!

This is literally the most perfect app you can have, if you are interested in what music you have listened to with amazing accuracy. Think I’ve never loved an app as much lol.

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  • Amsterdam (Headquarters)
    Crommelinbaan 3
    2142EX, Cruquius, The Netherlands
  • Dover
    8 The Green Suite A
    DE 19901, Dover, United States